Why does my OSX break after updates


I've got an old B&W G3 with 10.3..even after a clean install, if I do all the necessary updates for all installed software and security updates (itunes, quicktime..etc) it will say something about not all updates could be installed or downloaded and then will tell me to reboot. I click ok and upon reboot, system is hosed.

First time, I did a clean install and did the updates and after the reboot it sat on "starting login window' and stayed there for ever. Nothing I did got me past.

Second clean install I was greeted wtih the black box after reboot telling me to hold the power button..etc. Again no matter what I did, I couldnt get a successful boot.

If i DONT do any updates, the system works fine.

My B&W G3 is not quite standard because it came with a SCSI card and drive from apple. The original drive was a 9gig 7200RPM SCSI which I swapped for a spare 36gig 10K SCSI I had lying around since I thought maybe the drive was on the way out. I've tried different ram too so I dont think its hardware.

Only thing I can think of is that the latest update breaks SCSI support. Once SCSI support is gone, so is my Mac and any left over respect they may have IMO.

Everyone can say SCSI is dead ..blah blah blah but this lowly 400Mhz G3 is more 'responsive' than a 667Mhz G4 with a 60 gig IBM deathstar. Its got similar ram - 1 gig. Anyway I'm done my rant...


I have not....but I managed to get past the update problem. I reinstalled and this time I did the combined update, then rebooted, then did the other updates. Seems doing them at once somehow causes probs but doing them in two steps is ok. Go figure :) I should apply that firmware update too I guess.


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Yeah, the Combo Updaters tend to be better than the Delta ones. Also remember that the Combo Updaters will update you from whatever version of OS X you're running to the latest revision of that OS X version....in other words:

10.2.8 Combo Updater will update any revision 10.2.x up to 10.2.8.
10.3.9 Combo Updater will update any revision 10.3.x up to 10.3.9.
10.4.7 Combo Updater will update any revision 10.4.x up to 10.4.7.

Also remember that you'll need to apply that firmware update while booted into OS 9. It won't install from Classic. So make sure you have a copy of OS 9 handy somewhere.