Why Don't We Mass Email Apple?


Why don't we mass email Apple? If we have any really good ideas, we can all decide on one or two recommendations, and agree to all send a version of that letter? Problem is, what is our great idea. It could be suggestions about the Apple site, software, hardware, (I for one would like to see bigger iMac screens, or a new desktop all together). The only stipulation is, is that we should all agree on the topic(s), and should only send one letter each. We have alot of weight we can push around, and since we are all united in our views about computing and the industry, I think we could see results. Any suggestions?

How about we ask them to move services to the Apple menu so that you can access them in Carbon apps as well. Just a thought.
Here's one for Appleworks. Use sheets and link it to the cocoa spell checker. I know that this would require linking a carbon app to a cocoa service but it would be a huge improvement to Appleworks.
Thought of another one. It would be nice to have the services menu in the context menu with context sensitive menu items. For instance selected text show text related services while a file would show file related services. Normally services that don't apply are grayed out, but in the context menu they shouldn't show at all.
Am I the only one with ideas for improvements that wants to share them? Come on people post some suggestions so that we can send the feedback and have a better chance of getting the feature implemented.
Well, seeing as this post didn't get too much attention, I guess we don't really have a lot of support for our ideas. We should not send any messages until more people start to get into this idea, and not until we get enough people behind it.
Well, there have been over 200 views so maybe there were a lot of people that read it and sent in the feedback to the feedback forum on Apple's website and didn't post.
That is not really the point, we have to be united.

1. We have to be specific
2. We need to message within the same time frame
3. We have to all say basically the same thing.
4. There have to be a lot of us.

Only this will work.