Why downloading is so slow compared to Windows???



I have a Windows 98 machine on my network as well as a PowerMac G4. Both are on a LAN connected to a Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router. I start a download of a >1MB pdf file using OmniWeb and it took over 15 minutes!!. Doing the same download (started way after the PowerMac) on the Windows 98 box using IE 5, the download took around 5. (It shouldn't have even taking that long, but developer.apple.com is a slow site, I guess).

I have seen this type of slow download performance for awhile and don't know if I did something that caused it. I've checked my TCP/IP settings and all look correct. I'm no newbie to UNIX, Windows or Networking, but I am a newbie to Mac.

Could someone please suggest what might be wrong?

Sometimes I get that problem when I connect to my Win98 computer via a hub. What'd you do? Just power off and on your router?


Downloading and surfing are much faster with OmniWeb than IE. I should just uninstall the thing, but figure I might need it for something.

Downloading is really efficient with wget from the command line. :) Now if I could just make iCab use it for downloading...