Why I bought my first mac in 10 years and loved it


I always wanted a Mac because Macs look very cool. but when I realized that I would have to use a Windows 3.1 level of OS in 21 century I can't convince myself of the purchase. but I bought my first Mac in 10 years a week after I saw OS X in compusa. It's a graphite iMac 600, 512M memory.
I guess it's a pretty low-end Mac, but I really like it, now I almost do anything that I could do with it.
couple of things that PCs will never have:
The state of the art GUI. damn!
The cool keyboard, (best I have ever seen).
The cool mouse, even it's got only one button, but prefer to use it even I have one with 5 buttons and a wheel. I even wanted to buy one extra as a decoration of my office :p

But honestly Macs are slow. My $800 Athlon 1G with 512M memory and 60G HD outperform my $1600 Mac in about anything.

But I didn't buy Mac for performance, anyway. even it's a expensive, and slower I still like it. :)

Just my 0.02.
My g4 450 beats my p3 900 hands down. As you said the imac is a entry level system, you cant compare it to a 1gig athlon.

If you want mac performance look into the g4, the results are amazing.
You chose to go with the average-consumer level processor, so don't compare it too something that powerful; I have a 450 G4 Cube, and I can tell you, I've used iMacs and the G4 ROCKS.
My story: I went to a private Catholic school from 4th-8th grades and when we started using computers, it was on Apple IIgs 's and such, which I hated the way you formatted text in Appleworks. Anyway, when they bought some LC II's in 6th grade, and I got to sit down and use one, I got this euphoric feeling that can only be described as: "this is what using a computer should be like". Since then, I've been hooked on Macs, even though I was stuck with a Performa 631CD (8MB Ram, 500MB HD, 68LC040 33mhz processor) from seventh grade through my senior year of high school. I love my setup, I always advocate Macs, I get laughed at here at Penn State Abington for it, but I will always love Macs.
You think that's bad, I was still using a Mac Plus in 1994. As far as I was concerned though, there was no alternative. Nomatter which Mac you use, you still get that warm fuzzy feeling that no Windows machine can ever give you.
In 10th grade, my HS replaced the downstairs computer lab with 486s donated by some company, but i still used the Mac pluses and SCs in the upstairs lab.
Motorola should really get their act together and come out with processors that are equal in ghz to intels. It's SO hard to market Macs with lower numbers, even after that "megahertz myth" presentation.

But... for myself, I'd rather have a slower machine than a screaming loud fan keeping it cool. I love how quietly my Mac runs. I really notice it when my friend brings by his PC (just a laptop even!) and it's SO LOUD! :eek: