why is mac best for graphic design?


Of course, we all approach it from a personal perspective. I work at a prepress shop, and it makes submission of files to my crew alot easier if you have a Mac- and unless you only work for the Web, you'll need to communicate with prepress shops at some point as a designer. But it's not just the files themselves, it's how you navigate the OS, what apps you'll use, and all of the things we tend to take for granted. I was originally a PC user, but I still groan internally when I try to troubleshoot with someone on a PC...


Everyone knows what "PC" really stands for!

PC = Piece (of) Crap

Nothing more needs to be said when it comes to the graphics industry! :)


speaking of Expose, i had 350 quicktime windows opened up all at once before. Yes, THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY. And the Expose still runs smoothly. anyone wants me to post the picture i took using Expose? lol


I use both PC and Mac for graphic design apps and I must say with a Mac it is much more flowing. Expose is the biggest thing that has happened to graphic designers for a while and Adobe CS2 on the mac is too much to be true, I absolutely love it! On my PC I have to work in a more static fashion and it just doesn't flow, there are slight differences in the work flow but all in all it does make a difference when using a Mac I must say. But my oppinion is it really does depend on the preference of the user.