why is my macosx POP email disfunctional ?


Can anyone help...? I'm always having problems connecting to the mail.digitalcrowd.com server. Where can I find the mail server addresses and ports on one simple plain text reference page, so that I can check my computer's settings are correct?

btw... I was told once before that the server was having problems, but is this a regular thing? (maybe macosx.com could put a message on their services website to show the status of their email server?) It'd he;lp me when trying to ID the source of my problem.
Hi Scott,

I am in the uk and want to be able to download/upload my emails to/from my laptop when I visit wi-fi hotspots. I'm fairly sure I've followed the faq exactly, yet my powerbook is still unable to logon to the mail.macosx.com server at port 25.

(Is this something I should post in another forum, or am I ok to ask the question in this forum?)


If you have setup SMTP Auth properly, possibly they are blocking port 25. Use our alternative SMTP port of 587 instead.