Why you should be glad to have a mac.

lol we've got something cooler:cool:
It's called a root lol ;)

by any chance has anyone seen those linux based PDAs???
I played with a flash demo of them ... a terminal on a PDA ?
how dumb lol :p ...

Imagine having a notebook (a real one) and wanting to change the subject from CS to the next one which is history ... you just take your pen and write
 cd /subjects/history

hahahha... or if you want to shut your notebook to put it in you bag
shutdown now
Do you mean agenda computing's vr3?

I've never owned a pda before, and I was thinking of getting one for college.

Here's what I've cme up with:
Palm and PalmOS devices: thec crash sometimes, but it is industry-excepted design

Windows CE devices - yeah right.

Agenda Computing - runs linux and an X server. Can't beat that, but how is the handwriting recognition? OPEN magazine raved about it initially.

Newton - can't buy a new one, but most certainly the coolest.

So, should I get a palm or an agenda vr3?
Also, I had heard rumors on this list of a new apple hand held, and the last page of macworld has an article about a new pda (just regurgitaded rumors, basically). Any thoughts?
all the way, baby. Palms are sweet, and mine has been more reliable than my laptop for long term storage. Also they,re sweet on battery life. The Visors are cool too (same thing) but really, they were what a minimalist PDA was meant to be. If you need more, get a laptop, you'll probably need to type.

As for me, if it don't fit in your pocket, it ain't a PDA. Either it's with you or it's not, and if its too big you'll leave it places. My Palm fits pretty comfy in my jeans, and it's an older, bigger one. I love it I love it I love it.

All my friends say the same, except those who now work for M$, thay really like WinCE... it's brainwashing, I have no other explanation.
Originally posted by iYouth™
a few interesting lines of html and you've got a peecee's c:/ drive in the palm of your hand.
You get the same effect if you have MRJ 2.2.3 installed and run an applet on your Mac.

I don't know the URL right now where you can find such an applet that demonstrates this.

Be glad you got MRJ 2.2.4 installed!;)
The linux agenda is the VR3 :)

Personally I have a newton 120. I got it last october from ebay for $50. A $130 (which is essentially a 120 with backlight and maybea little more ram) goes for about $100 I think. People also bumbdle software with it. IF you have more $$$ to spend newton 2000 and 2100s go for about $2500..handwrittign is excellent for me ;)

I hate palms lol ... I have compared newtons and palms ... and by god I almost threw the palm out the window ;)

You may be amazed to hear this, but Windows CE 3.0 on my Jornada is MUCH more reliable than the old version 2 releases, and is extremely usable. When combined with 64 MB of compact flash, it's the ultimate Palm killer.
The only ones worth having if one wants to be able to use them in a meeting (what a concept, PDA to catch notes) are the ones with real keyboard, even if not full size.

Handwriting recognition sucks at the rate of 1 character per second.

If one wants a really useful PDA, it needs a built in phone.

Which boils down to Nokia Communicator (first hand experience speaking here :)
I wish I had one of those..they are COOL!
if only nokia made a dual band (900/1900GSM) ... I would buy one
(of course reasonable price and all) :)
I LOVE my Newton!

I mean, it's got all I need to do. Though I wish I had some games to play on it.. But I love it. :)
There are games for it :cool:
\Lets see what I have on mine:

break out
bombs away
deep green shess
and the magic 8 ball for all those burnign questions lol...hmmm will i get a raise ?? definatelly no ??? u stupid thing!!! :p :p :p

there are more games that I have not installed...

take a look at planetnewton.com for an archive also unna.org :)

IF you have a newton 2000 or 21000 you can probably find more games :) I have a 120

--> Always good to find another fellow newtuser
Originally posted by AdmiralAK
I wish I had one of those..they are COOL!
if only nokia made a dual band (900/1900GSM) ... I would buy one
(of course reasonable price and all) :)
The new Communicator (Nokia 9210) is dual band (900/1800), and it has a color display.
you can program Java on it.:D
LOL ... dual band 900/1800 doesnt make it a world phone ;)
Europe and asia are 900 predominantly (900 is probably 2/3 and 1800 around 1/3) .... the USA runs on 1900 though so I could not use it here :p ... unfortunatelly...it looks cool though :D ...

They even had the 9110 on the Brother Louie music video by modern talking :)