widget beef/suggestion


I have a major pet peeve with the widgets and dashboard in general. The widgets eat memory like it's nobody's business. Add that to the fact that I tend to do things that require a lot of memory and widgets become a burden on my system in a hurry. Now, please, don't recommend I get more memory. I have 1.25 gig and its maxed out.

What I would like is a *real* widget manager. Basically, it would have to be a widget that I can keep running all the time. I'll sacrifice its memory for the functionality I need. Basically, I want to be able to start and kill a widget with a single click. The widget manager that now comes with 4.2 is a joke, in my opinion.

For example, I really like the functionality of the phone book, flight tracker, minesweeper, and stocks widgets. However, I don't need them open 24/7 using about 50Mb of RAM. So I would really like to be able to fire up dashboard and have this little menu sitting there with a list of all my widgets. I could just click the name of one and it would launch. Wonderful. I could click it again and it would close. Even better.

If there is something like this out there, PLEASE let me know. If there isn't can anyone tell me if there is a technical reason for its absence?