widgets: good or bad or corrupted??


Trying to learn more about Tiger... and especially widgets - because they are great at first! But I start to wonder are they hogging my processor or ram?? Are they awesome little bits or are they shaky extras?

My widget's fonts display, for the last two+ weeks, like attached pictures... are they supposed to? How do I fix this? I've done several safe boots (is that good?) A few disk permisions repairs and disk repairs via the Tiger dvd... still same widget appearance. Any thoughts, advice?
Ok, don't know how to attach jpgs... basically the fonts are really thinly outlined with clear fills, very bitmapped and sooo difficult to read!


keep an eye on Activity monitor (applications/utilities/Activity monitor) to see if any widget uses up processor power in the background. I know the clock-widget does.

i am not sure what you mean in the other part of your post.