Wierd Crashing


When I went to install Mac OS X I encountered a problem. If I clicked on the menu bar or on a drop down menu the installer crashed! That was not much of a problem since I could easily avoid clicking anywhere except on buttons. So I managed to install Mac OS X. When I started up for the first time I was presented with a form asking for my name, address etc. There was a drop down box for selecting a province and I am required to select something in order to proceed. As soon as I clicked on the pop-up box the application crashed and then started from the beginning again! I thought maybe it was a problem with the installer but I didn't think the same problem would occur once I installed the system. The only thing that I thought might be the problem (but seems unlikely to me) is the fact that I only have 64 megs of RAM, but I ran the public beta fine. Anyone encounter this problem before? If someone knows for sure that this problem is due to a lack of memory then I will get more memory but I don't want to go out and buy more memory and then find out it still doesn't work! I have a rev. A iMac.
Thrust me : If you want to work with OS X you'll need a lot more memory than 64 MB, say 256 MB will come a lot closer to running it smoothly. Also a rev. A iMac will perform not to good with OS X.

I won't say buying more memory will solve your problem, but it will make life a lot less frustrating when you do.