Wiki Information


Staff member has launched under the new Site 2007 Site Beta release, integration of MediaWiki, the Wiki software used by Wikipedia. The goal of launching the Wiki is to allow for user participation in the process of creating and updating Tutorials, HOW-TOs and Reviews as is necessary.

The current layout of the Wiki is just a suggestion, but not mandatory. I have not mastered the Wiki skill that many have. Plus, you are not limited to what I have put on the main page, you can do whatever you want, within reason.

Modifications to the wiki will be allowed by those who are registered and logged into the site. If this becomes a headache for our moderators, we may at a future time require that you request access to have permission to have the ability to update and modify the wiki.

I am OPEN for ideas and suggestions on the Wiki, the goal of this is to make it managed by the community at large.

Please Note: The Wiki will be available only available to those who are using the new site. As of this posting, the new site is not available yet, but should be available in the next few days.