Will I ever be able to purchase an internal superdrive?


I'm new to the Mac world, so forgive me if this is a stupid question.

I own a dual 533 PowerMac G4 and it came with a DVD-ROM drive. I'm disappointed that I bought the Mac before the superdrive was an option. So, now I am wondering, will I ever be able to purchase an internal superdrive to install myself?

I've built many Wintel machines and it seems that the upgrade-ability of a Mac is much more limited than a PC. Is this true? Can CD-RW drives be bought and installed in the Mac? Will the superdrive be available for purchase in a non-peripheral form?

Thanks for your help,
you definately can. I used to have a G4 533 that I installed a CD-RW drive in. It took maybe 5 minutes. When you start seriously thinking about upgrading anything on your mac, go check out www.xlr8yourmac.com

This guy, Mike, has tutorials for everything. Not to mention a nice dbase of users reporting drive compatability.