Will iBook (Dual USB) run OSX well?


I'm thinking about purchasing an iBook (Dual USB)...the new one. But I'm concerned that it will not run OSX very well. Can someone give me some input/feedback on this? I can't afford a G4 Powerbook so I'd have to go with the iBook. What about this whole 66mhz system bus thing? What other things should I know about and/or think about? How different is a G3 500mhz from a 400mhz G4? What is the downside? What is the upside, or is their one?
The iBook will run OSX 10.1 awesome. Apple wouldn't sell it if it wouldn't. I have a 400MHz G3 Powerbook that runs X well...but that will dramatically improve when 10.1 comes out.

As far as your question concerning the G3 vs the G4, there is "a night & day" difference. The G4 is going to crush the G3 in every single multimedia application. There is just no comparison.
I just bought the thing because it looks so cool ;)

But anyways, OS X does well on this great (sorry, i did it again) iBook. Well, not super. I'm awaiting the 10.1 update to convert from well to super.

And yes, a G3 and a G4 processor can't be compared. But that's where the big difference is in the prices are.

Go for the iBook. You'll be stunned with it's performance in OS 9 and rather glad in OS X. It's fast, lightweight, looks cool, super great screen, playing DVD's, writing CD's, and so on and so on. For us cheap bastards ;) it will do fine.

And no guys, i'm not selling any ibooks.... :D
You can buy your iBook with no fear.
I tried an iceBook for a week. OSX was preinstalled (only 10.0.3). I updated it to 10.0.4 and even with this version, which is very slow, it is still usable.

And I don't make comments about 10.1, you know what everyone will tell you.

The only thing is to buy a huge amount of memory. Additional 256 MB is very good, 512 is even better. Because OSX applications are very memory devorers : the future VPC for OSX will require more than 300 MB of memory to run Win Me, insted of 192 with OS9.
256 MB iBook chips are through the roof right now, you might have to settle for a 256 MB chip and wait for the 512 MB market to calm down. 256 MB should be fine though. I dont understand why everyone is worriedabout the amount of RAM they have. If you are one of many who dont plan on using classic, and this number will grow after 10.1, you dont need heaps of RAM, athough you will see benefits if you do.

My advice is to play with 10.1 for a while and see how you like the speed. If you dont find it satisfactory, buy the amount of RAM that you think best applies to you.