Will iMovie 11 ver. 9.0.4 work fine in Mavericks?


I can't find the answer online, in RoaringApps or anyplace else. I saw a frightening thread the other day about iMovieHD not working and I need to confirm that iMovie '11, ver. 9.0.4 works fine in either an upgrade to Mavericks or a new version of Mavericks and migration to it. Tons of movies, edits, projects on externals and internal macbookpro and I cannot suddenly not be able to access these files. Thanks. And do I wait for Yosemite Sam to be finished (don't think I want to take a chance on a beta version).


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It did for me whenI put the older iLife programs in their own special folder. Just don't run the newer one while running the older one.