Will March 24 OSX require OS9?

There's been some discussion of whether "classic" will come bundled with OSX or you'll need a separate OS 9 install to run it. Either case, OS X will be standalone unless you want classic.

But given the amount of effort and PR Apple's been putting into "OS X Runs Classic Applications" and the fact that OS X will be pre-installed on computers starting in June (when there will still be plenty of need for Classic), my bet is that OS 9 will be included (at least enough of it to run classic, if perhaps not enough to boot into standalone -- but I'd bet they include the whole thing.)

Also, the price is a bit more than pervious OS's (which are usually around $100...) -- perhaps this means you are getting a "two for one" pricing?

Just my $0.02

Just read on Apple's MacOSX page that the release version of OSX WILL include a copy of OS9.1 for classic mode.

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Does any one know if the March 24 release will require OS9 to be previously installed?