Will more memory make 10.1 run faster on my G3?



I just installed 10.1 on my G3 266 B&W desktop and it definitely runs a lot less buggy than 10.0.0. But....it still doesn't run much faster than it did before the upgrade (in fact it's downright sloooooow). I have 192MB of RAM. If I go out and buy more RAM, will it really make much of a difference in performance? If so, how much would you recommend as a minimum to get noticeble results?

I don't know about your computer, but when I upgraded my iMac from 128 to 384 Mb RAM the differance was enormous. When I upgraded I was using the Public Beta, don't know if the differance will be as big with 10.1 or 10.0.x. I would recomend upgrading anyway, considering the memory prices at the moment. I think you will get 256 Mb for about $40.
wow, does that sound familiar, only switch g3 with g4 (400 single agp [sawtooth]). i had 192 also, and my system ran slow on 10.0 but while i was back in classic cause X was to slow as a main OS, i had 512 put in (ESPECIALLY with todays low prices!!! my dads tracking a 512 DDR 2-2-2 chip and its down to either $80 or lower!!!) and upgraded to MacOSX.1 and it runs smooth enough to keep as the primary OS. rezizing internet explorer didnt change, can still take my coffee break before it ever finish's, but theres a simple way to get around that, just dont do it. but everythings much inproved, and having more memory will keep the system from making its own on your hard drive (thus slowing everything down cause you have to use it twice, one for files and the other for memory FOR the damn files!).

anyway, IMHO, i think it would help in RUNNING apps. (i say running cause i dont mean launching or resizing windows, just having them run smooth)