Will Pay For RB Control !


I'm getting sick here trying to learn C++ using CodeWarrior on the fly.... I'm a RB and VB type of guy!

I need a REALBasic EditField Control with the following properties... Multi-Line "WITH OUT WORD WRAP" and has horizontal along with vertical scroll bars... Pretty much I'm trying to create a Document app that a document window works like one from BBEdit... or more simply put, like a Code Editor ... It's a simple thing here, yet the EditField Control in RB can not do this... and I have been asking for one for over a year.. So out of frustration of trying to Learn C++ to write my app, I'll
"PAY" someone money to write a REALBasic EditField Control with those properties ....

If you know anyone or yourself that might be interested pleas e-mail me iloveosx@j3d.com