Will the Mac OSX final release include?


Apache? or are they going to leave that for the server version of the Mac OSX? will it be possble to download or install Apache if it doesn't?

What will become of Apple's "Web Sharing/NetFinder" if there is no Apache included?

I really hope it will be possible to run the web server I did with the PB. I had Quicktime Streaming Server running on an iMac along with Apache and it was sweet.
No offense, but where did you even get this idea? Apple has had personal web sharing on previous OS's, I can't see why they wouldn't have a web server on OS X, and it certainly seems to be apache, from all accounts. Apache is still there in the newer builds, too.

OS X server is just going to have better GIU admin for the free tools, and a bunch of OS X specific admin tools.

So put the thought entirely out of your mind,


PS if somehow it wasn't there (not a posibility in my mind) you could still download the source and compile it. Apache's free, for gods sake.
hey grouchy, thanks for the answer...

i just thought apple might conveniently leave it out of the release in order to boost sales of te server package.

Well Microsoft offered Personal Web Server for their MS Windows and you even can get one from them for macintosh but their PWS sucks and that Mac Personal Web Shairing is superior.. :-D althought both differ in many area like for example MS PWS supports FrontPage while Mac don't..

Yeah OS X Consumer version differ from OS X Server version but both include Apache as well.
As far as the actual server tools included in OS X server*, all of them are the rock solid opensource server/php/sql implementations that basically every free UNIX has been running for many years. Apple just included pretty GIU's for admin. (No small step, mind you.) So the thought that Apple could "leave out" the actual servers to boost sales of OS X server is pretty silly, considering all of them are just a download away (minus GUI frontends, of course.) That was my point.


* (as opposed to the mac network admin stuff, netboot, groups, etc)