will this montor work on my mac?


I have just been given one of these monitors at work:

SGI 21-inch Flat CRT Monitor

* SGI Part # 061-0043-001
* Sony Trinitron tube
* Granite Case
* Resolutions up to 1280x1024 @ 76Hz & 1920x1200 @72Hz
* High Sync rate for Stereo resolutions up to 1024x768!
* Sync On Green, Composite Sync, Horizontal & Vertical Separate Syncs
* Dual Input with HD15 and 13W3 Connectors
* PC Compatible just need to add a standard cable HD15 cable

Will it be ok on my G4 1.25 MDD?

I already have a 21" - what would I need to do to get a dual screen setup?