WIN2000 - OS X integration on the serverside wih AD


ok.. I got a couple of questions I just can't seem to get answered, so why not try these forums out.

we're finally restructuring the serverfarm at work. basically we're throwing out the old compaq servers and putting in two xserves and a bunch of dell machines.

currently we're using active directory (MS) for authentication and it is integrated with exchange for e-mail accounts and storage. what we're (or at least I am) looking to do is to migrate all the e-mails stored (roughly 60Gb) in the exhange storage database to Apple Mail Server. doing that, I figure we also have to export, then import all the users so they map correctly to the e-mails.. the only problem is we want to keep active directory for user authentication and user management (please don't tell me to use X for it). what tools are there for importing databases containing messages? do I have to convert it all to mbox format? anyone out there who have done this with maybe PostFix or SendMail?

how can I get OS X server to only serve up e-mail accounts and not the entire user database since it will be kept on WIN2000 using AD? anyone have a suggestion? I even talked to Apple about this and surprisingly enough they were quite unwilling to help. You'd think they'd be pretty darn interested in helping people with the integration of Apple servers.

I found the one (!) article they published about AD integration using opendirectory, but it only had two cases in it. one for homefolders and something else, I can't remember what. but it really didn't help since it's pretty much outdated.

I'd really, really appreciate any information from anyone who has ever layed their hands on the integration of AD and OS X server. I figure if I finally manage to go through with this I'll post a how-to on every OS X related site I can find since this is probably a really common problem (or desire) for IT-tech people.

Thanks everyone, and sorry for the lengthy post :D :D :D :D