Win2k and Mac Network Connection problem


Having a problem transfering files from Mac to PC in OSX.

I have a Ti PBG4 and a Dell Optiplex GX110 with Win2k server on it.

I can transfer files from the Pc to the powerbook, but not vice versa.

Whether I attempt to connect with Appleshare or FTP, my mp3 files won't transfer. I have attempted mounting an appleshare connection on my powerbook and that failed. I then tried sending using Fetch on my powerbook to connect to the PC's FTP server, and that didn't work.

Finally I attempted to connect to my powerbook from my PC, using Internet explorer as the FTP client and OSX as an FTP server.

I can connect in all situations no problem. It just won't move files

Any help would be appreciated.

PS, I'm on a 100 network. Linksys 10/100 switch/router

1: have u installed appletalk on w2k (network option)
2: have u installed file/print sharing on w2k (add/remove programs option in the control panel)
3: did u clicked on the "apple share" (something like that, don't know the exact line) checkbox when sharing your dir on w2k
4: is your login correct
5: all these things can solve your problem
I am able to connect to my Win2k Server. Although I can't browse through to the server... I have to type in the address afp://myserver It finds it after that, asks for a login, and show the shares on my Win2k Server.

I am not able to get the shares to automatically mount whenever i loggin.

I went and booted into 9.1 and mounted the servers there and checked to option to mount on login. When I went back into OSX they mounted again but only after an annoying long string of prompts to enter my username and password for the shares.

Anyone have a way to mount them in OSX on startup where it retrieves all your login information form your login to OSX?
Mac OS X uses NFS, Networking File System. On a system you want to connect to, NFS has to be enabled to see it in your "Connect to server" screen.

If NFS as used in OS X is not supported on the other end (eg a PC as described, so you'll need a third party app, like"sharity" i don't know which vendor), connection has to be established via TCP/IP, via connect to and entering the IP number.

Eventhough appletalk is enabled on your mac OS X mac, it's merily for other machines to connect to the OS X mac.