Win7 installation / Bootcamp problem - drivers


Hey everyone, I have the early 2011 Macbook Pro i7 17in with Lion installed. I want to set up Windows 7 for my gaming needs but Im running into a small problem. I am using Bootcamp 4, I ran the assistant, set 75GB for the Win7 partition, everything went smoothly and then I downloaded the boot cam drivers and placed them on a USB stick (which is in MS DOS format like advised). I am a long way from home and don't have access to my repair/install discs which bundled with my MBP (they are Snow Leopard anyway..). Anyhow, I enter the Win7 install DVD, click start installation in Bootcamp and the mbp resets, and boots up with win7 installer. I get to the screen where it says "Install now", I select that and after few second of loading a window immediately pops up asking me about some drivers. I thought this is the time to select my WindowsSupport folder on my USB stick but it doesn't recognize anything and says no drivers found. The only place I can find some random drivers is under Intel - Win7 or All folder, where there's a bunch of drivers but I can't select them.

Of course I cannot skip this step which means I'm stuck.

Can someone help me out? Do I need to insert the mac OS dvd at this point or what? If so, if I don't have them whats the alternative? I read somewhere that I can create them from bootcamp but don't know if this is what will help my case. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers