Window Close Box - Missing the target...


Has anyone else had this problem: I'm an experienced mac user (10+ years), and I often (1 in 5-10 times) miss the target when I attempt to click the close box (button?) in Finder windows.

After a bit of testing, I've discovered that the target area of the close button is the interior of the button. In other words, the button isn't selected if you click outer 2 or 3 pixels of the circle of the button - you have to click the center, which makes a small target. I find this very annoying.

The strange thing is that close buttons in other windows (like the System Preferences Panel) work correctly. You would think that the window close button would be a system-wide control that behaves same in all cases.
Probably a difference between the Cocoa apps and the Carbon ones. I have adjusted to this fairly quickly myself. I have been using Apple computers since I was 4.
What's really annoying is Cocoa apps do not use the allegro theme layout metrics.