Window cycling


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This is some feedback I gave Apple. I'd love to know what people think:

The Dock can already switch apps when you type command-tab, and it can already activate any window. Why not provide a mechanism to switch windows in every app like command-tilde?

In fact while command is still being held down one could tab to select an app and tilde to select a window so only that window is brought to the foreground.
That's kinda neat. I'd rather command-tab just cycled through all windows regardless of what application they're in. I mean really, what do I care what application the file's in? I just want to get to my work.

Also, I'd prefer (and have feedbacked Apple, if "feedbacked" is a word) that command-tab cycle through the most recently activated apps instead of just marching through the dock in a meaningless sequence.

Tilde's a nice idea, though, too.

I have waaaay to many windows open to cycle them all.

I agree that cycling apps ought to be FIFO, not FILO
Cmd-~ is used by the Finder for Go To Folder so that's out (besides, I'm using it too in one of my apps ;) How about Cmd-Shift-Tab
Cmd/shift/tab moves you backwards through the open apps in the Dock (opposite of Cmd/Tab), so that one's out!!
I jut had an epiphany lol :p

I wonder if I can coerce and apple engineed to add cmd-opt-a-k for startup lol ... this would produce an AdmiralAK startup screen LOL :p

on the subject though:
How about cntr-cmd-tab