Window resize


Who know how to show only the border in moving or resizing the window? (like Mac OS 9)
I've noticed that some application works in this way. How force the system to work also in this way? ( resolve the slow window resize)
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), AppleWorks 6, and iTunes are three programs that I can think of off the top of my head. All I assume are Carbon instead of Cocoa (at least AW is)... maybe that has something to do with it (e.g. Cocoa apps can take advantage of services while Carbon apps can't... maybe something similar in active window resizing?).

Of course, the movement behavior is different. In all three programs, the window as a whole moves, not just the outline.
And, of course, this would fail to explain why the Finder actively resizes windows, 'cause I believe it's carbonized.

IE also is carbonized and does do a live-resize.

Hmm, Does Quicktime do a live-resize? It has that same metal look as iTunes.

I think iTunes doesn't do that live-resizing because of its metal look, that is why I am interested if Quicktime does this resize.
all cocoa applications use live window resizing. it's not an option.

most carbonized applications resize with outlines because they have not been updated to use carbon events or interface builder. any old calls to DragWindow will result in non-live resizing.

you'll see more and more apps taking advantage of new stuff like this when people start using IB/carbon events.
BUMMER because although I like this feature and I hope some day when I can afford a G5 and a super powerful video card I can take advantage of it but my G4/400 with the 32MB Radeon can't deal with it.

The tracking is WAY off. I was trying to demo MacOS X for some friends and that was their biggest laugh. (They are pc folx) I would open the window and the mouse moved faster than i could resize and sometimes the mouse would "lose" it's hold and drop the resizer point midway. VERY disturbing. 10.0.2 fixed it somewhat so that my mouse doesn't lose its hold, but the tracking is still way off

I know that it is probably because quartz is such a powerful window manager with its PDF and OpenGL rendering which I think is awesome, but my poor computer can't handle it at this point in technology. :)