Window resizing


Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the window resizing is still slow? Wonder why Apple didn't offer a "Don't show contents while resizing" option? This would make things greatly faster, and barring IE lag OS X would be just about perfect(from a speed standpoint).
Resize is better then 10.0, but still slow. It ticks me off Apple hasn't yet made it smooth. I am sure they will in a future update though. and IE is the worst of them all. MS needs to do a major overhaul of IE as it is a direct port from 9 to X with no new code what so ever. So it needs a total re write.
Window resize in the Finder is perfect on my dual800G4, G4/400, and TiBook 500. Some applications, like IE and OmniWeb still have slightly slower Window resizing, but I think that's more the fault of the developer of the applications. Some applications display so much information in their windows (web browsers for instance), that live window resizing is going to suffer from the content in it. These developers (at least those with Carbon applications) can definitely make their app just use outlines when resizing, which is much faster (look at Mozilla and Appleworks, both use outlines when resizing).

Live application window resize is a very nice feature, but it's one that requires ample processor power to pull it off. I'm surprised that MS implemented it in IE, since they don't use it in Office v. X.

I may be wrong, but I think that Cocoa apps have to use live window resizing. I've yet to see a Cocoa app that uses outline resizing (Java apps use the outline method as well)...
I think you're correct about Cocoa apps having to use live window resizing. I know when I had a NeXTstation, it had this, along with live window moving. Since Cocoa is based upon the NeXTSTEP OS, it probably just carried over.

I'm not really having any problems with resizing on my Cube, though. If I *try* to make it stutter by moving around really fast to make a point of it, it lags behind, but normal window resizing is nearly perfect for me. Although, I do see the problems with IE. I think it is a matter of the application developers implementing it correctly for their App, not Apple.
faster resizing would be nice, but really, whats the big deal? unless you sit there all day and do nothing but resize windows, it shouldnt be bothersome.

when i first got 10.1, i checked out window resizing, wasnt that impressed, didnt care and moved on. once i got all my windows to be a good default size (finder column view, IE, bbedit, etc), i havent really touched it since. I suggest everyone do the same.