Windows 2000 Mac volumes appear emtpy


I have a Windows 2000 server in my house with two shared volumes, one 32 gigs and one 80 gigs. When I mount these volumes under OSX Beta (server or workstation, I have both betas), the directories appear empty, even though there are dozens of root folders and files, and thousands of files inside subdirectories.

Mounting both volumes works like a champ under OS9 on 3 different computers. I reinstalled OSX beta, to no avail.

Please advise!
What are you using to mount the volumes? Did you install Samba? How about Sharity?

Give us more info so that we can help you.
The volumes mounted were AppleShare IP volumes from the Windows 2000 server, so no Samba or Sharity client was needed.
that's odd. I too have a windows2000 server and MacOSX PB. on my W2K box I have two folders shared, the default one that windows makes when you enable sharing to Macs and on I created with the File Sharing Wizard. Both can be seen fine from all of my macs OSX or OS9. I'm thinking the problem must rest in your windows file sharing configuration.

hope that helped
In my opinion don't think MacOSX can handle the large AppleShare volumes on the Windows 2k box (one 40gig, and one 70gig), it's the only possibility I can think of. I have rebuilt both the Windows 2k box and the MacOSX box (rebuild the Mac several times).

I also have my 'applications' volume dissapear on my MacOS X SERVER beta, in a similar fashion, and that's a local folder!

Something is definately flaky.
That's odd. OSX boots fine on my Beige G3. It's slower by far than my G4, but it runs fine. Here's something to try. when you install, don't install the optional BSD components. They seemed to screw things up quite a bit for me the first time I tried installing 4k46