Windows Client Support On Macosx (tiger) Server


Is there anyway I can get my users to log into the server when they log into their machines in the morning. That is have automatic access (drive mapping) to their shares, mail et al. without physically mapping each individual.

Also how do I lock down any user from accessing the other users home directory by just mapping to it. So far I have not been able to find how to lock people down.

The folder structure at our location is pretty simple. A home directory per user and a common "public" drive. I want everyone to have access to "Public" and only the individual to their home directory. Cant seem to do it through Windows since I have to Map drive and if any user with higher rights are mapped to a machine then the machine tend to loggin the person with lower rights to the drive.

Ideally, I want any person to go to any machine (XP) and log in and be able to access their mapped drives (home directory and folder)