Windows Networking



I remember Jobs mentioning that X will have built in Windows networking. Did this item get skipped?
in finder press the go button, then connect to server. Type in smb://user@host/share
I havn't gotten this to work yet (probably because I'm not very familiar with windows networking or maybe because my pc has win 98), but it should work. If anyone knows more about SMB shares, please help :).
I hope that there is some 3rd party program that will enable you to view SMB enabled servers. This is not an easy way to connect to them and it won't work for the average user. I tried many times today to connect to our NT servers, but could not. I didn't use the format you had specified smb://user@host/share name, I will have to try that tomorrow. Dave from Thursby has an easy to use browser, why doesn't OS X?
I was able to connect successfully by entering smb://host/share

I was then prompted for a user name and password.

I agree that there needs to be a gui

Perhaps sharity is not dead after all.

For those interested

It works very well
Ok, so we can connect to smb's.

If I want them to connect to me, do I have to compile and install samba, or will this be in a future version of Mac OS X (I realize its in the server version allready).

It would be cool to have smb work just as Apple's file sharing protocol does.

(And wasn't system 6 pretty advanced to support this?)
I have connected to mac osx from PC' s by way of samba (which did not have to be compiled to be installed), Dave, and by an appletalk protocol supplied by microsoft for some of their operating systems.

Samba is not as difficult as everyone makes it out to be by the way. You can get it with a web driven tool called SWAT, which allows very easy configuration and administration of the samba server. For me it was much easier to configure than Dave.
I have been able to connect succesfully.

I have a SAMBA 2.2 server running on a Linux box. My ibook successfully connected to this server.

The URL is:

smb://[domain or workgroup name];[server hostname]/[share name]

So in my case, I have a domain name called Home and my server's hostname is server and I have a share called mp3. To access that I typed:


and hit the connect button. After that it asked me for a username and password which it currently authenticated. And now, I am listening to mp3s which are hosted on a Linux box via SAMBA.