Windows Printing Problem


I have trouble printing from my OS/X Mac (Mac mini) to a Brother HL-1440 printer installed on a Windows Network. For a multiple-page document, the first page ALWAYS prints fine, and then the printer hangs up. I have tried connecting the printer directly to the mac, and it works fine there.

Are there windows networking parameters I need to tweak? I don't seem to have any other networking problems that I can detect. I'm connected via good Cat-5 wire to a NetGear Wireless Router.

Thanks for any help you can give...this is driving me crazy!
Check HP's site for the Mac OS X drivers. Download them if they have it and install it.

IMPORTANT: if after you download it and it uncompresses you are left with a file that ends in .dmg, double-click it and once the drive image (which is what the .dmg extension is for) is mounted, copy the contents to your home directory (or anywhere else that's not within the mounted drive image). Otherwise, the install will not work properly when you run it and it won't install the drivers.

I had this happen with some Epson drivers I downloaded for OS X and once I copied the contents of the drive image to the hard drive and reran the install, everything was good.
I have the same printer at work and have the windoze computer running XP Pro. I print multiple page documents and it works just fine. I'm running OS X.4 and using the Gimp Print drivers. GOOD LUCK!
Silly question, jim asked about a Brother 1440 printer and the answers are about installing HP drivers and another says his is running fine.

Did I miss something, what is the answer?