Windows Shares


Has anyone managed to get OSX to talk to a windows or windows NT box? I don't want to do this but unless I do I won't be able to use OSX at work. Anyone ported Samba yet?
I'll give it a go, tough I'm still not sure what we want/need.

At the moment we have our macs talking to an NT server through appleshare. This would be enough (if appleshare worked). I'm not sure what the difference between sharing and mounting is. I also doubt I could get my company to invest a hundreds of dollars on a utility for a beta system. Still, I'll try :)
Well, you should at least give it a go - if for no other reason than to find out if it works! One note about using AppleShare on NT - it's notoriously buggy. I've heard reports of memory leaks and crashes. Oh, and you said you didn't know the difference between "sharing" and "mounting"...

Sharing: Pretty obvious. When a server provides a resource to be used by other systems on the network.

Mounting: When one machine connects to a shared resource and presents it to the user as a part of the local filesystem. For example, let's say Server is sharing a folder called "Share1". If I get on my Mac, and mount the resource, it will appear in the finder as "Share1".

You mount shares, make sense?

These definitions are by no means rigorous, so techies please don't flame...just trying to put it in "layman's terms" for a guy that is somewhat new at this stuff ;)

Good luck, sambeau...