Windows spyware

which windows spyware/ adware remover should i get for my office machine. I have no choice but windows at work, at home i have been a mac man since 1984.


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Noadware - very good. Put it on my sisters PC, first time run it found over 1500 files. Runs automatically everyday.

SpyBot - another good one.
anything else besides those two. his computer is really slow, and norton finds nothing and spybot and adware se finds nothing new. any ideas, besides switching to mac, i have been trying to 3 years now to convince him


The Late: SuperMacMod
Probably more out there, but I'm not a PC person, so don't know of any more. My sisters was so bad, slow, etc, I wiped the drive. Runs good now (for a PC :) ) and have Noadware ware on it and it finds things almost every other day.

Switching to a Mac would be the best solution, IMHO.


If you're comfortable with msconfig, run that and basically deselect everything from the startup tab, and then restart and run those apps a few times. I'd recommend Adaware also. AVG is a good free virus app too.


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Are you using the latest version of SpyBot S&D? If not, that's the same as using an out-of-date antivirus application. Make sure you update SpyBot. I use it all the time and it's worked for me. The other one I use is MS AntiSpyware Tool. Yeah, I know....but I wouldn't use it if it didn't do its job. It actually picks up things that SpyBot might have missed on the first go-round. Unfortunately, MS AntiSpyware requires Windows 2000 and above. SpyBot will install on on any Windows.

BTW, the actual SpyBot S&D site is If you do the ".com" at the end you wil be sent to a site that is actually a spyware site. Bastids! :mad:

Anyways, once you install it you might want to go ahead in "Safe Mode with Networking" and run it so that no applications startup automatically after reaching the desktop. That's worked for me in the past with SpyBot and MS's app.