Windows Xp And Os 10.3.9 Server


Talk about a love-hate relationship.
Well here is the problem. I have a xserve dual boot G5 that is running 10.3.9. I have created various shares on it mainly CD images that allow the computer lab to function. There is also a share point that teachers are able to dump and retrive information from, size now grown to 40GB. Which works on a single user name and password. Now I try access this share thru a Windows XP SP2 pc and it will come to the password prompt when I select the xserve in network neighbourhood. Enter user name and password nad you are into the server. You can see and access all the CD images that are shared but when it comes to the teachers folder it does not access but returns a error message of : network path not found.
The current permissions are user: rw group rw everyone none. If I change it to everyone rw then it works. For obvious reason not accepatble. I have gone thru the windows file settings and selected inherit permissions from parent in selected. strict op-lock not selected. SMB access is selected and guest access too. Is there anything else I can look at?