Windowshade & Transpaerent Window HACK!!!!


I haven't tired it yet (I'm on Wintel @ work), but Unsanity has posted a shareware hack for customizable Windowshading & making the entire window transparent. The shareware is timed for and hour (I think) but only costs $7.00.

check here:

I'll be checking it out later and will let everyone know how it is.
Now, if I can just get spring loaded Docked folders my OS X life would be nearly complete ; )
I had the first version but decided to wait until all apps were supported by this program. Well 1.1 came out and I bought it that day. Excellent program. Best $7 I've ever spent in my life. I really couldn't get by without my's a long way from where my cursor spends most of it's time to the dock.

The transparent windows alone are fun as all hell.