wireles network


Hi, im just about to move in a house with some mates and we are trying to set up a net work. at the moment i have a netgear router modem wireless and we will be using a g3 imac and a g3 power book both running osx panther and also a laptop running windows xp. Hopefully i will be running the router through an ethernet cable for the imac. what i would like to know is what do i need for the ibook to connect to the network wirelessly, but would also like to run an xbox in the room with the ibook. How can this be done. What do i need?

sorry for the long explanation :D
Check out this thread to learn how to get your G3 powerbook access your wifi router. You should specify your ibook. If it's a dual-usb G3 ibook, you will need an airport card or a usb solution. For G4 ibooks you will need airport extreme cards.
Most wifi routers have 4 ethernet plugs. For the wifi access you can use up to 255 devices. However, you should avoid playing online games over the wifi network. Your ping is a lot higher than a wired connection to the router.
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Do you intend the Xbox to conect via the ibook, or via it's own wireless point?

I've had no luck getting my Xbox or PS2 to talk via the mac, but by connecting them to their own wireless point and letting it talk to a wireless router (or another wireless point attached to the router) everything works fine.

As to the ping - well, the network will either be 11 or 54mbps, and the broadband connection would be 1-2 mbps (generally) so ping isn't affected.
Hi there thanks for the welcome. what i though may be available it some sort of access point so the g3 ibook can access the network wirelessly and have the xbox pub through the access point to but not sure how this would work, the router will be in my room so hopefully i can just hard wire the xbox and my mac to the router, but the person with the ibook will want to use xbox live too. sorry if im confusing ppl im confusing myself :)