Wireless Adapter Won't Work On Mac?


I just bought a D-Link G520 for my mac. I've tested this PCI card out in a PC and it's definitely working. I downloaded an Orangeware driver for it (orangeware state that it will make the G520 work) but my mac G4 dual 1.42, 10.3.9 just keeps telling me it cant see the card.

Are there any other cards I can buy? I'm reluctant to get the Airport as it's so expensive. I'm also unsure if my mac will take an airport extreme card or not? I've done a quick google and I can't find anything that tells me whether it will or not.

Thanks for the help!
According to my information, that configuration should work...there's a great web page that has sorted out a great number of the third-party wireless devices and Macs, and it's listed there:


You can also see many other configurations that could work there. Can you tell us a little more about your Mac set-up--Model, processor, RAM, etc.?
Hi, I'm successful using the Orangeware drivers with these cards: Jaht JWN-5108 - D-Link DWL G-520 (the Atheros based card! - there's more than one model of this one...) - Netgear WG311T.