Wireless Between Apple And Dell


i am trying to run 2 computers 1 apple the other dell the main one is the dell so the modem and the netgear router are hooked up to the dell making it the main computer i can not get the apple to work is it not compatible i have tried downloading the disks that came with the netgear router and i also have the card or wireless key and yes everything is plugged in and the key is in the apple. where can i get the drivers for the apple to make compatible?and work with netgear wireless, is it compatible? i am just your average person who was married to a tech but have a little knowledge if given good direction.or am talked thru it. i have had this previously with 3 computers in one house but none were apple comp. any suggestions please help me to get the apple on the wireless so as we can both be on line Thanks. Linda
I don't understand why your Dell is physically connected to the router in the first place if it is wireless. The modem should be connect to the router and the router connected to nothing else physically. The Dell and the Apple should wirelessly connect to the router.
I have a similar setup at home, except my Dell and Apple are wirelessly connected to an Airport Express. You enable wireless on the router, set an encryption type and key (or passphrase) and then go into the Mac and PC's wireless cards and choose the same encryption type and enter the key (or phrase). They should then find the wireless network created by your wireless router.
Someone once told me "it only takes a little knowledge to do a lot of damage." :D (j/k)

If both laptops are wireless, then you needn't hook the laptops to the router with an ethernet cable. They should connect wirelessly as applemaz mentioned.

I know some wireless routers have software that requires you to connect an ethernet cable to it initially for the router's configuration, but once it's configured and you've configured the wireless portion of it properly then you don't need to access it from the ethernet cable (unless the device doesn't have wireless capabilities). The wireless cards should connect to the router using the wireless signal.