Wireless Bridges On Emac


I have a 1 GHz PowerPC G4 (emac) running osx 10.2.8. It is hooked up (via ethernet cable) to a cisco wireless-b internet bridge which picks up our wireless network. The network is configured correctly and the computer is set up to look for an ethernet connection. The problem is that the emac is VERY inconsistent in using this connection. It works occasionally, but more often than not the internet will not work (could not find specified server). We have various i-macs and a ibm thinkpad that are hooked up to the same wireless network (the imacs via the same wireless-b bridge units) and they work all the time, even when the emac is not. Any thoughts? The problem may not have anything to do with the wireless bridge, as the computer shouldn't know the difference between that and any other standard ethernet connection, right? Thanks for your help.