Wireless certificates per computer not user


Ok. heres whats going on. Here at my college (WPI) we have a large wireless network. To get wireless working you must follow the instructions detailed here : http://www.wpi.edu/Academics/CCC/Ne.../Setup/OSX.html

If you dont feel like reading, basically you need to import the file "netops-ca.cer" into your keychain under the keychain "X509Anchors". Then you must also import "Wireless-User.p12" to the keychain "Login" (it requires a password when you import it. The password is listed on the site). Then finally you need to go into internet connect and add a new 802.11x connection manually, putting in the name of the network name, and checking the TLS authentication box.

OK thats how you do it. It works. . . PER USER.

How would I , in a lab environment, install these keychains and add this wireless network so that every user that logs in (net login (log in with wpi name and pass)) connects to the wireless network automatically and doesnt need to know or do anything to get wireless access???

Im assuming when one imports the "wireless-user.p12" keychain into "login" it only does it for that one login name... It needs to be done for the whole computer.

Any ideas?


Your link is broken so I could not find the exact details of what you need to do.

Have you though of making a login script?

Where are the user accounts stored on these lab computers?