Wireless Connectivity Problem


Hi to everyone who is willing to help.
I have encounter this problem when connecting wireless to my router. I have a Netgear router and aiport express on my powerbook G4. I have my router security on WEP and my powerbook only HAS WAP so i presume this could be reason it won't connect since it is different. Is there a way i can get WEP on the powerbook. Is ther an update to get the WEP option available on the MAC. I have even disable the Security WEP on my router and still it does not connect. I get an error message. Any advice how to tackle this problem and solve so that i can enjoy wireless internet at home with my powerbook G4. I have the latest OSX which is tiger 10.4 and all the updates i have downloaded them. So please advice on what should i do. Sorry for the gramatical errors if there are any.

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"Sorry for the gramatical errors if there are any." there's plenty.
check system preferences for your connection settings. WEP only applies to the router or modem you use, so NO WEP settings are made on your computer, only if you log on (airport>"your network" or "other") you can select wireless security type.
Your problem seems to lie in onather spot.
Try describing your problem more accurately, not only in grammar, but also in completeness - rather tell toomuch than toolittle.