Wireless G And Imac G4 17"-flat Panel


I have an iMac G4 that I want to connect to my Linksys wireless network (using G, not B if possible). From what I can tell the iMac G4 17"-flat panel only can accept an airport card, not an airport extreme or (wouldn't it be nice) a PCI adapter.

Does anyone know if there are other alternatives available? I'm looking at the Linksys Wirless G USB but it appears to only work with PCs.
Airport Extreme was introduced on the iMac G4 about halfway through its product cycle, in early 2003. If your iMac G4 is a 1.0 ghz or higher, or if it has USB 2.0, then it will support an Airport Extreme card.
If yours is an older version, then there are USB 802.11g adapters available, but because of the slower speed of USB 1.1 you might as well just go with an old Airport card as it'll be about the same speed in these circumstances.