Wireless internet problem


For some reason i can't seem to connect to the internet on my laptop anymore. I have a linksys BEFW 802.11b router and it's connect to my windows pc.

I"m using Comcast for my internet provider as well.

I tried logging on the airport admin utility states that my laptop has a self-assigned IP and won't be able to connect, i tried changing my ip address manually (in the network pref pane) but that didn't work.

The 2 IP's are completely different. The Wired computer is XX.XXX.XXX.XX while the laptop is XXX.XXX.XXX.X

"Airport has a self-assigned ip address and may not be able to connect to the internet."

Anyway to fix this?? The internet works fine on the "wired" part.

I've tried ressetting the powerbook but that doesn't help either