Wireless Mouse


The Late: SuperMacMod
Anyone have any expierence with a wireless mouse/ recommendations?

I've got the Studio Mouse wireless from Kensington. I like it. The first set of batteries (that came with it) spewed acid all over the battery compartment, but I got a new set of batteries and now all is well.

I would never recommend a wireless mouse. Stick with corded one's, I'd say. Wireless mice are too heavy; it's less strain on your arm if you're not swinging around some extra mass. Also, their center of mass tends to feel weird. And, if you're a gamer, don't even think about a wireless mouse.
I have a logeitech cordless elite duo pro yadda yadda yadda (with flavor crystals) which includes a cordless keyboard and mouse and I really like them both. They work out of the box with Apple's drivers and the logitech drivers are really nice because they let you reprogram all the extra buttons on the keyboard and mouse. I dig having a scroll wheel on my keyboard :)

Thanks for the replies. After searching different boards and reviews, I ordered the Logitech 700 wireless mouse.
You did well - I just replaced a cordless Logitech ball mouse with a Kensington wireless optical mouse and it has been nothing but trouble. Kensington was always a good brand in my opinion, but I learned my lesson and will go back to Logitech - a mouse should just work gosh darn it!
I have a Kensington PocketMouse Pro wireless. It isn't heavy and it does move easily without strain on your hand.
no offence, but if the mouse is straining your arm, you need to get away from the computer once in awhile.

If you play games, you may not want one. When i played warcraft 3, it zapped the batteries much quicker. I have an intellimouse explorer. I like it alot. My mom has a kensington wireless except it only has one side button , not the forward back side buttons.