Wireless network printing woes


Can you guys help where Applecare couldn't (my problem lies outside of my warranty, they say)?

I have an iBook G4. I am running Tiger. I also have an IBM running Windows 2000. Connected to it via parallel port is a Lexmark T520 computer. I am able to use my iBook to print to it via a 2nd USB connection, however, would prefer to do so wirelessly. I should mention that sometime prior to installing Tiger, I managed to make wireless printing work, though, for the life of me, don't ask how I managed it.

I am able to see my Windows computer via my iBook's finder. I am able to mount that drive. In Printer Setup on the iBook, I was able to use the Windows Printing option to see my Lexmark T520 printer and set it up as a printing option via my network. Thus, it is set up for sharing on the Windows machine and I have input the proper passwords.

Based on a FAQ I saw online, I also enabled UNIX printing on the Windows machine while in an administrator account, and set the administrative services preference for IP printing to automatic.

When I attempt to print to this printer, however, I receive the following error in the printer queue: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME. Sometimes it may say: Unable to connect to SAMBA Host...ERROR.

Can someone help me correct the problem? I am not a computer expert, though, I am usually just competent enough to get myself into trouble.

try using smb://username@server/sharedprinter (or smb://username:password@server/sharedprinter) for the printer location and for the device url try smb://server/sharedprinter

also this is link is useful for printer admin:

hope this helps