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We have two laptops: powerbook and ibook both running Tiger, We have an Airport at home to which both machines log on perfectly. At work in each of two offices, we have linksys wireless routers setup. The problem: the powerbook logs on to one network fine but not the other. The ibook sometimes logs on and sometimes not. can ping out from the ibook, airport indicator shows full signal reception, but it won't connect to internet via safari or get mail.

I have seen some posts about ibooks not connecting via ethernet, haven;t seen any answers. so be tried setting up the wireless router to emulate the airport at home. Thought we had it fixed, but now totally frustrated and don't know where to get help.

Any help/info would be much appreciated.

Which card are you using in the Powerbook and iBook? If you are using the older Airport card vice the Airport Extreme card, then one possibility is that the Linksys network is set to only allow 802.11g enabled machines on the network. The older Airport card is 802.11b, not g so it won't be allowed on.

This is sometimes the case, since ethernet networks must run at the speed of the slowest ethernet card on the network. For example, if you have 100 machines on a network and 99 are 100BT while one is 10BT, the whole network runs at 10BT. Same goes for wireless networks. If one is 802.11b (10) and the rest are 802.11g (54), the network runs at 10 and not 54. To prevent this slower speed being used, some network admins lock out the b users so the network can run at 54 exclusively. This may be one thing you need to check.
Thanks for replying.

Both laptops are using Airport Extreme cards.

One thing I noticed was that when the iBook won't log on, there are no IP addresses etc, listed when I go to "System Prefs", "Network"; "Show Airport", "TCP/IP". Even if I hit "Renew DHCP Lease".

I've taken my Powerbook to her office and it won't log on either. And I have the same Linksys router, ISP in my office as her's.

sometimes it works, sometimes not. the ISP suggests reloading OS, that maybe something has corrupted binary files. Doesn't seem right to me but then I'm not very savvy to such stuff.

Also, the router supports both standards.

the router in my office works flawlessly for my Powerbook. When I bring the iBokk over here, sometimes it logs on sometimes not--> the same as at her office. Seems to me that it has to do with the iBook. But then my machine does not always work there either.

I believe both routers are set to hand out Ip addresses, but they were set up by the ISP. is there some way to verify that hers is?

I know mine is as it consistantly does for my Powerbook.