Wireless Printing Problems Since Installing Tiger


Greetings everyone...

I have been trying to get my printer to work and am about to pull my hair out. I have tried every which way install the printer and have failed. Let me explain the issue.

The printer is a Brother HL-5140, it has worked fine within Panther when connected directly to the PowerBook and over my home wireless network. Under Tiger (it was a clean install), the printer will only when when directly connected to the PowerBook and I would like for it to work over the wireless network.

I have tried the "Reset Printing System" option and installing the printer again, and various combinations of steps to install the drivers and printer to no avail. After searching the Apple Support discussion group I am learning the printing via wireless networks is a problem many people are facing with Tiger.

Is there a work around to this? I have been going crazy searching the web for solutions and trying on my own for almost 3 weeks now. I would very much appreciate any and all help you guys can provide.

Thanks in advance.