Wireless Router And Printing

kid geezer

I got my linksys wrt54g router working (with some much appreciated help from you folks re the wep keys) more or less satisfactorly (a minor annoyance is a recurring dialog box whenever starting up or switching users that says the wrong password for the airport network was entered. Dismissing it and going to the menu bar airport dropdown and picking the network puts me in business). But.... a much more serious problem has reared it's head. Printing.

This is a mixed mac and pc network and was entirely wired until this week when I added a card to the iBook and got the linksys. Connection sharing was done with IPNetRouter software on my old OS 9 desktop. Under this setup the old mac could see the old HP Laserjet 4mp (using an Asante ethernet/appletalk bridge), the pc couldn't see it but worked fine with the Epson C80N. The iBook worked fine with both printers.

Now, since switching to the linksys so we can use the iBook wirelessly, I can only print from my old mac to the HP. No problem. The pc doesn't appear to see the Epson at all. The iBook seems to see both printers (the Epson was the preferred printer) but returns an appletalk not enabled error for the HP and queues but won't print to the Epson. I'm stumped. The Epson was assigned a fixed ip address under the old network arrangement, as were all the devices on the network (my ISP assigns me a static and configuring the linksys took this into account) but under the new arrangement the computers all are assigned addresses via dhcp and the router.

Sorry to be so long winded. I hope I've described the problem in enough detail.

Thanks in advance,

I think i might know how to help you. Is file and print sharing enabled on the wireless adaptor? That is one thing that could be the problem, also you might need to install the driver, if you are running XP then you should have it, 98, maybe not. There should be a disc that came with the printer that should help you install the driver. Other than that i am not sure what it could be.

One more thing,
there is really no point in doing wep encryption, all that does is make it where other people cant use your connection. They cant suck up all your bandwidth unless they get your router password and unblock specific ports for downloading they cant really hurt anything. I let people use mine all the time :) it seems to work flawlessly, i setup most of my ip addresses as dynamic, one of them is static for my webserver :). But the cable company shut us off and its gonna take a few days, so where the harm in borrowing my neigbors huh? lol, it also makes it harder to setup your own computers, no encryption works better lol.

:) Good luck on your printer problem! :)