Wirless extreme


Ok well ive got a price.... £60 for the wirless Xtreme card and £60 from a local shop for the fitting, is the NO cheaper way of doing this??

Is there not a USB doongle I can put in or something?? Im paying £120 for 1 freakin thing!! I wish I added it at the start.... please help any suggestion.

Could I fit it myself? If I was carefull?? Because you can buy the extreme card of apple http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObj...o/Y03U4rpNtDWC2fFEEcMH6l8O303/

please help!!!!!! :eek:

ALSO: that my router there

You didn't say what model Mac you have, but you could install the card yourself.

Yes, the Router is compatible with Macs, as most are.
ow sorry I have a mac mini... its more hassle than its worth at the momment without a wirless card :( please help!!

Also i need a KVM switch i need my 2x PS2 keyboard and mouse (and my monitor) to be able to switch to my mini mac :D any suggestions (uk sites if u can =) ::ha::
For the Mac Mini, its best to get the Apple dealer to fit the card, as they need to fit a littl riser plug to the board to plug it into. The Mac Mini is the only model of Mac on the market where you can't (practically) fit the card yourself.

As for a KVM switch: There are no PS2 ports on Mac, so if you plan on using a KVM switch you'll need to use a USB keyboard and mouse and an appropriate KVM that is designed to switch USB devices. The monitor shouldn't be a problem though.