Wmp, Osx, Slow - Suggestions ?


I've got WMP9 on a PowerBook (OSX 10.3) and don't seem to be able to get it to connect to WM9 streaming media at any better than dialup speeds (46kbps)

On the same network I have a PC with WMP10 that gets 232kbps !

It's very upsetting

I've tried to use MPlayer, VLC and Real to access the WM streams but can't make them take over from WMP either

for an example, check out http://bigbrother.3mobile.com.au/live.asp ... there are a bunch of people in the forums there with the same issue so I'm not going totally mad !
Try launching the media player app, the open the preferences and look under the connection tab. Set that to the proper level...DSL/Cable or LAN...and see if that helps out.
no, I mean 46Kbps which is what it says in the statistics pane.
Settings are for DSL/Cable, but it doesn't seem to matter what I set them to, this is the best I get. Nasty pixellated dialup style.
When I view the same stream on my PC then I get 232Kbps (or sometimes just over 100) and a siginficantly better experience.
ANyone know how to make WMP9 actually play the higher bandwidth portions of a multiple-bitrate codec9 stream or just I just give up ?
Or is there an alternate player for OSX that handles the codec better ?
46kb/s is about 9 to 10 times faster than what you'd get with a 56K modem (4.7kb/s). The windows media player on the Mac is a bit buggy...it seems M$ didn't put a good effort into it to ensure that it was a proper app. No real surprise there at all.

An option might be the Flip4Mac plugin for Quicktime. It'll handle most windows media formats in Quicktime. It worked better than the M$ player for most files I ran across, though some were a bit buggy or didn't work at all (rare). Unfortunately, it's not compatible with QT7 as of yet.
thanks for the Flip4Mac link. Although it installs fine, it seems to have a problem with the streams from the sample site (bigbrother.3mobile.com.au). I so with BB had decided to use QT but I guess it's not going to happen this year. ANyone else any other clues I could try ?
yours in desperate need of an AU BB fix !