.wmv files and QuickTime


Can QuickTime read .wmv files?
eMac 1Ghz, 512 ram, MacOSX10.3.8
Thank you

Gerard McLean

Along these same lines (I think) is there a quick, easy way to write out .wmv files from iMovie or convert from QuickTime.

Quicktime Pro allows me to export to .avi, which WMV will play, but I would rather go to .wmv format. I can also export out to a DV cam and import the finished movie into MovieMaker (XP version of iMovie.. yuck) and then export out as a .wmv file from there, which is what I've been doing... but what a pain!!

Cheapest suggestion I have right now is http://www.flip4mac.com/flip4mac_home.htm at $179.00 US gotta be something cheaper/better.. I write out 1-2 of these files a year......



wow, 1.4g is way faster!
why not just install windows media player, .wmvs are native to it, and you'll have the preformance that way. that is what i have done, and never have a problem. i just don't let wmp play any other files.


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You'll need WMP9 for Mac to play WMV3 files (VLC nor MPlayer have come out with a way around this), and even then, only if saved as an ASF (not as a WMV).

One day we won't have to deal with all this incompatibility rubbish.